Open Positions

Senior Photonics Engineer

Our hardware-accelerated electromagnetic simulation tool ( is capable of dramatic improvement in performance over existing technologies but is still in early stages of adoption in the photonics community. We are looking for a team member to help bring the product to market. senior photonics engineer, you’ll have the ability to work on a variety of exciting and impactful projects with the overall goal of helping bring our software to be a major tool in the EM simulation market. Duties and responsibilities range from understanding the most important user needs, to coming up with innovative design solutions within our product, to creating marketing content to spread the word through the community.



Our customers are extremely strong in their technological understanding of photonics and electromagnetics (EM). They are facing problems that are pushing the boundary of engineering. These problems are often intellectually challenging and require innovative solutions. The candidate needs to have strong problem-solving skills and can understand customers’ problems.

  • Develop accurate understanding of unique EM problems faced by customers through interviews, literature research, and simulation-based studies.
  • Propose and develop technical solutions that help customers succeed.
  • Provide technical support throughout the customer engagement.

Product and Technology

Customers’ feedback drives our product development. The candidate will also take the front seat in translating and generalizing customers’ needs into product development.

  • Translate customers’ needs into product feature development, with a good sense of priority.
  • Help to implement new features into the EM solver.
  • Suggest and implement design and usability improvements to solver.
  • Shape the development of future technology through digesting customers’ feedback and assessing the business impacts of technological solutions.


We give back to the community through educational materials and first-class support to the research community.

  • Increase the impact through education: Creating documentation and examples related to the solver.
  • Create general education materials for using photonic simulations.
  • Support the scientific community including universities and government labs in using Flexcompute technology for cutting-edge research.


  • Driven by curiosity in technology and excellence in execution
  • Strong communication skills in both writing and speaking
  • Solid understanding of different solver technologies for electromagnetic simulations
  • Strong experience working in photonics, either in academic or industrial settings, and a good understanding of the use of simulation tools in the field.
  • Strong programming skills in at least one scripting language such as Python
  • Bonus qualifications: hands on experience building or contributing to EM simulation tools

If you’re interested in joining Flexcompute, even if your skills and background don’t fit an open position exactly, please send your application.