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Lightning-fast Python-driven FDTD at Scale


Tidy3D is built on top of emerging computing chips, providing a quantum leap in speed. This ultra-fast speed enables new possibilities in optimization and design.



Integrating software and hardware, Tidy3D provides an end-to-end simulation experience. Define, run, analyze, and store simulations in our web-based graphic user interface or Python API.

Python FDTD

FDTD at Scale

Powerful chips and superior algorithms allow Tidy3D to simulate large devices beyond the reach of traditional FDTD solvers.

Large FDTD

Customer Success Story

Customer Success Story

Tidy3D allows Ayar Labs to substantially shorten the design cycle of photonic circuits. Excellent agreement between simulation and actual device performance gives the R&D team the confidence to iterate their design entirely on the computer, which substantially improves product performance and reduces the time to market.

Why people love Tidy3D

“Tidy3D's Incredible speed enables us to address long-standing problems and resolve the fundamental issue that have been debated for several decades”

Hui Cao
Professor of Physics,
Member, National Academy of Sciences

From the Tidy3D team

Shanhui Fan
Co-founder, Flexcompute
Momchil Minkov
Director of Tidy3D Solver