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John Moore

    John has over 10 years of experience in CFD development. He started Nextgen CFD, a company which produced an extremely fast high-order CFD solver. He was a finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search.
    M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, MIT.


    Tyler enjoyes developing future technologies, from quantum computers, to organic solar cells, and eventually machine learning and photonics. His PhD was related to mathematical and numerical techniques for inverse design and sensitivity analysis of photonic structures.
    PhD in Physics, Stanford University.


    During his Ph.D., Feilin is a core team member that pioneered the work of high-order large eddy simulation, one of the toughest CFD problems. Feilin is passionate about developing new CFD algorithms.
    PhD in Aerospace Engineering, The University of Kansas.

Shanhui Fan

  • Author of simulation software widely used in industry
  • Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering
  • Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship, the Department of Defense’s most prestigious award
  • Fellow of IEEE, APS and OSA
  • Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford
  • PhD, Physics, MIT

Zongfu Yu

  • Fellow, Optical Society of America
  • A Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher
  • Dugald C. Jackson Professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison
  • M.S. Management, Stanford University
  • PhD Physics, Stanford University


  • A world-leading expert on scientific computing
  • Being a pilot, Qiqi designs and builds airplanes at home
  • Became an MIT faculty at the age of 25
  • Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT
  • PhD, ICME Stanford University