Educational Licenses

We have a strong commitment in supporting academic research and education of the next generation of scientists and engineers. Apply now to access high performance computing through a simple API!

Cloud-based solver No special hardware needed 100 - 1000x Larger 10 - 100x Faster Python scripting Graphical user interface First-class support Easy to share and collaborate


1 FREE licenses for instructors and students
2 Set up and run FDTD simulations from anywhere
3 No need for complex license management systems
4 Case studies, tutorials, and lectures are available in our Learning Center
5 Ideal to STEM courses in Physics, Electromagnetics, Optics, Photonics, or related fields (online courses and workshops included)




  • 10 FlexCredits every month for free

Education Plus


Everything in Education Free, and:

  • Tidy3D 365
    • 20 Simulations per day for 365 days
    • Maximum size: 100 million grid
    • Maximum time steps: 50,000
    • No concurrent runs
  • Purchase additional FlexCredits

Education Group


Everything in Education Plus, and:

  • 1000 FlexCredits shared by the group
  • Up to 10 Education Plus users
  • Advanced group features including
    • User management
    • License management
    • Data management and collaboration
1 Earn free credits every month to use Tidy3D
2 Purchase licenses and additional credits at deeply discounted rates
3 Boost academic research by orders of magnitude at your university
4 Perform fast and accurate simulations of large electromagnetic devices
5 Easily model complex 3D structures, set up parameter sweeps, optimizations, and inverse designs
Yale University

It’s amazing how fast the Flexcompute numerical solver runs,” Prof. Hui Cao said. “Some simulations that we expect would take days to do, it can do in just 30 minutes. This allows us to simulate many different random configurations, different system sizes, and different structural parameters to see whether we can get three-dimensional localization of light.”