Tidy3D Software Releases

Tidy3D Web Client


New features

Added Heat solver simulation and result visualization in GUI

Added Boolean (Clip) Operations (Union, Difference, Intersection, and Symmetric Difference) to modify structures

Added Transformation support to Move, Scale, and Rotate components.

Added a status icon to monitor changes in edit windows

Added What's New window enhancements to better highlight new features

Added the ability of deleting a custom dataset.

Added an enhanced visualization of mode monitors in 2D chart

Added the ability to set a default wavelength range of interest

Added default values for the required fields of sources and monitors

Added new pop-up menus to edit structures, monitors, and sources


Improved the left editor panel aesthetics and merged it and the visualization controls.

Improved uploading/downloading speed on Post-Run Visualization

Improved the Tidy3D Notebook welcome page to better visualize it on large screen sizes

Auto range and plot visualization tools were synchronized

Improved the selection of materials in Material Library

Merged “Mediums” and “Script Mediums” into the same group

Uncoupled “Background Medium” and “Simulation Domain” in “Configuration”

Improved the estimate cost function

Improved the exported GIF animations

The storage limit feature in the user account page was optimized

Set global wavelength for Python-submitted tasks and existing GUI tasks

Oriented the canvas x-axis to the right by default

Optimized the validation panel

Multiple improvements on plot-settings of post-run visualization results

Set THz as the frequency default unit

Material fitter user interface improvements to enhance the user experience and productivity.

Improved the script object panel in workbench

Replaced the PhotonForge icon shown on the listing page

Usability improvements introduced on Nonlinearity and Space-Time Modulation

Improved the Copy Script feature

Improved the 3D model colors

Improved Workspace Interaction Optimization

Resolved issues

Fixed: Custom dataset plot issue

Fixed: Source signal plot

Fixed: Post-run failing to specific Python-generated tasks

Fixed: Post-run results missing permittivity monitors

Fixed: Wrong measurement result in 2D Chart when the aspect ratio is off

Fixed: Coordinate selection sliders not working properly

Fixed: Manual axis range is not working

Fixed: Structure doesn't show up in 2D Chart on Firefox

Fixed: plot_3d() doesn't show structures correctly while the web UI shows it correctly

Fixed: Medium from material library automatically resets to vacuum

Fixed: Material fitter error

Fixed: Medium with nonlinearity and space-time modulation overlapping

Fixed: No gap between the button and the search box

Fixed: Grid wavelength validation error

Fixed: 3D rendering bug

Fixed: Structures shown as white in 2D Chart

Fixed: Medium from material library automatically resets to vacuum

Fixed: Simulation results took unexpectedly long to appear on GUI post-run

Fixed: Adjoint simulation copied in GUI will error

Fixed: Identify material library medium generated from Python

Fixed: Double click to show the source and monitor

Fixed: Custom medium "plot permittivity" orientation incorrect

Fixed: GUI search hint does not show up

Fixed: Geometry visualization was hidden by a source validation error

Fixed: Custom medium "plot permittivity" scale incorrect

Fixed: Sweep couldn't be submitted even though the task is created in the latest version

Fixed: Downloaded CSV missing data for sweep tasks

Fixed: Incorrect script generation (uneven brackets)

Fixed: Bugs related to importing STL in GUI

Fixed: Post-run overlay structure can't be hidden


New features

1. Upgraded GUI and Notebook to support Tidy3D v2.5.2

Added Space-Time modulation in Edit Medium

Added support to material nonlinearity in Edit Medium

Added the ability of choosing different structures to create a structure group

Now, users can move a folder into another one

Added the CustomSourceTime in GUI

Added support for importing TXT and CSV file types in CustomSourceTime

Added an example file for creating CustomSourceTime

Added the ability of filtering tasks by 'Kind' and 'Typle' in workspace

Added the ability to convert to Python script if an expression/variable is used within a field

Added show/hide structure edges and structure info in the mouse right-click menu

Added support to 3D Chart show ClipOperation geometry generated by the Python client

Added the “Name” input field on the “New Project” dialog

Added the new Medium argument in the field projection monitors

Added a short cut add a new Script Object when creating a structure

Added the ability of Python users enforce the running of cached simulations


Updated the formula for freq0 in the source time

Reworded "Load from Library" to "Select from Material Library"

Optimized the font size in search results

Improved the material fitter

Improved the “Estimate Cost” popup window to show more instructions to users

Improved the 3D Chart view and download files for super large tasks

Improved the sorting function for the Folder interface

Provided more guidance with the “insufficient credit” error in GUI and Python client

Improved the GUI for field projection monitors

Optimized the breadcrumb display when nesting multiple layers of folders

Improvement on ordering

Optimized the plot permittivity including a default frequency obtained from the simulation source

Optimized the autosave and validate functions

Improved the wavelength setting to enhance the user experience

Improved the folder/task search box design to enhance the user experience

Improved the DFT animation

Improved the workspace user interface

Improved the rotate and scale functions

Resolved issues

Fixed: Incorrect placement of the structure in the post-run structure overlay plot option

Fixed: Color contrast issue under the dark mode

Fixed: Script Objects display issue

Fixed: Sweep bug for some dispersive materials

Fixed: Incident/polarization arrow disappear at a certain angle in 3D Chart

Fixed: The monitor not show up when changing the transparency of the structures in 3D Chart

Fixed: "td.structure" should be "td.Structure" in when generating a Python script from the simulation

Fixed: Incorrect 2D Chart display when toggling the plot permittivity command

Fixed: modulation_spec error

Fixed: PML plot issue in 2D Chart

Fixed: Plane wave excitation disappears at some angle

Fixed: Missing the unit toggle button in the Post-Run visualization

Fixed: PolySlab has disappeared


New features

Added a unified workspace and folder system for Tidy3D and PhotonForge.

Added server-side caching for FDTD, ModeSolver, and HeatSolver.

Added Transformation (Move, Scale, Rotate) of an object

Added DFT Field Animation to Post-Run Result

Added a new window to enhance the “Copy Script” functionality in the Post-Run Result


Changed My Documents to My Workspace

Redesigned icons for Folder and Project files

Improved the copy script panel

Improved the Dataset Viewer window

Resolved issues

Fixed: GUI task status changed to error incorrectly when validation fails

Fixed: Rotate does not support negative angles

Fixed: Structures created by the Python client do not display correctly

Fixed: Undefined variable behavior

Fixed: Show an error message when the material fitting get errors

Fixed: Download error when the name contains non-English characters



Improved GUI search engine

Resolved issues

Fixed: "Select Mode" in "View Mode Data" panel is unresponsive


New features

GUI and Notebook environment upgraded to support Tidy3D v2.5.0

Added an auto scale function to 2D monitor results

Added model export


Improved the user interface to enhance the productivity and user experience

Improved the data viewer and selector in the Post-Run Result

Improved the ruler to make the number of axes fixed

Optimized the performance for enhance the task loading and 3D Chart rendering

Improved the tutorial images in the 'New Simulation' window

Improved the Fast Fitter feature

Improved the 'Save as Image' feature

Improved the loading performance for adding a Mode simulation

Hide buttons for view-only tasks in the "View Mode Data" popup window of the ModeSource editor

Resolved issues

Fixed: Medium material bug

Fixed: Fitter tool bugs

Fixed: Validation incorrectly failed in the parameter sweep

Fixed: Field projection monitor issue

Fixed: Fourier transform of the time domain pulse leads to incorrect frequency domain spectrum


New features

Added Custom Dataset creation in Post-Run Result

Added a new sweep parameter module to allow users to select and plot multiple results

Included Palik material models in the Material Library

Added "Air" and "Vacuum" to the Material Library

Added a warning message when the field decay doesn't reach the threshold value

Added a one-click copy/paste function to Edit Geometry

Added an example file to illustrate how to correctly input experimental material data into Material Fitter

Added STL CAD file import

Add running animation in GUI Script Object


Improved the help menu interface

Improved the GDS import user interface

Replaced the current material fitter with the Fast Fitter

Improved the visual way to add sources and monitors

Improved the help documentation for sources

Improved the rendering performance for large number of vertices in the Post-Run images.

Updated the names of silicon materials in the Material Library

Improved the search boxes user interface

Included notifications for user to show the reason for not being able to edit a component when defining parameters with variables

Improved the variable references

Improved the sweep default panel when switching to parameter sweep

Keeping the Run button for view-only tasks

Updated the material fitter help documentation

Resolved issues

Fixed: Task folder doesn't display the correct list after deleting

Fixed: correct file format not recognized by the material fitter


New features

Added a dragging function to reorder the variables

Added redo/undo functions for ModeSolver

Added the "medium" input field of for Bloch boundary conditions

Included the new FAQ entry of the learning center in GUI get started window

Added drop down symbol for units


Improved the message displayed when violating the grid size limit

Improved the error message of the Python client when the user tries to download a data that does not exist

Added "help" button for the "Edit Script" window

Improved the structure overlay resolution in Post-Run Result

Blocked the workbench for heat solver tasks

Improved reorder structure to make it more visible and intuitive

Optimized the speed for loading the task listing page

Improved the Python script generated for simulation

Resolved issues

Fixed: Bug when importing two GDS structures

Fixed: Mode solver task should not error during the validation stage

Fixed: GUI not distinguishing structures

Fixed: Sweep plot loading bug

Fixed: Usage of td.inf in GUI


New features

Added a stand-alone interface for ModeSolver simulations and Post-Run analysis.

Added an email invitation feature to allow administrators to invite new members to join the company account

Added the field "Type" to the folder system

Added an auto save function after running a code in the notebook environment

Added support for downloading large-size datasets


Improved the simulation submission experience

Improved the graphene help documentation

Improved the scrolling bar in the Script Object window

Resolved issues

Fixed: Sweep launches multiple jobs per task

Fixed: Structure missing when upgrading STL import task

Fixed: 3D rendering of GDS import shows incorrect structures

Fixed: BlochBoundary does not provide the correct Bloch vector in the simulation.json file

Fixed: Mode effective index data not complete

Fixed: Material fitting shows no result

Fixed: Error with project/folder name when submitting a ModeSolver task from Python

Fixed: Vacuum medium not merging

Fixed: Script export of variable list has a syntax error

Fixed: Mode plane size incorrect on 2D chart and Post-Run Result

Fixed: The ModeSolver should not be disabled even if a parameter sweep has run successfully


New features

Automated the process for education user to upgrade to a group license, more advanced individual license, or purchase more credits

Added the new section 'Tutorial Model' to the Example Library

Upgraded the GUI and Notebook to support Tidy3D v2.4.3

Added "Tidy3D Python" to the 'get started' panel

Added the ability of showing the post-run results of tasks with higher version than the current GUI version

Added the entry of opening terminal on the launcher page in Notebook

Added a function to allow the user to generate python scripts for structures, medium, and the whole simulation

Added a function to allow the user to customize the structure transparency

Added a function to allow the user to disable the override structure object without deleting it


Updated the link of troubleshooting for diverged tasks to the learning center

Improved the layout for redeeming credits

Removed the duplicated Simulation.json in FDTD output file

Removed the .gz extension from the simulation.hdf5.gz file download

Removed hover over of "plot" button

Included a light grey transparent color for Vacuum structure

Improved the validation status label

Disabled the feature for client admin to remove a user

Improved the user experience for the parameter sweep

Improved the parameter sweep panel layout

Improved the user interface of group index step

Improved the material reference display layout

Improved the user interface for user and license management

Improved the 3D ruler aesthetics

Improved the 2D plot of boundary and structure

Resolved issues

Fixed: "warning: item not found" when clicking on monitors

Fixed: Wrong plot of medium extinction coefficient

Fixed: The script run status should not be copied when it is duplicated

Fixed: The 'GeometryGroup' in Override Structure can't be rendered in 3D Chart

Fixed: The validation fails if setting the structure medium to 'Silver ("Ag")_Rakic1998BB'

Fixed: Newer task version submitted from Python is editable after “Save as”

Fixed: GDS import bugs

Fixed: plot_3d() shows incorrect result


New features

Enabled the GitHub for Notebook

Added a separate folder for each new Notebook

Automatically update the API key in the Tidy3D Notebook when user regenerates the API key

Added the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+Z/Y for undo/redo commands


Performance improvements when creating a new notebook

Shorten the intro of the Tidy3D Notebook

Made the "Save as" button more visible for "view-only" tasks

Added the visualization of traditional FDTD simulation time when the simulation is complete

Removed the "help" link from the Edit Structure window

Removed the "Example Library" from the workbench

Updated the Graphene's name and location

Updated the getting started/learning resources popup

Reduced the scrolling sensitivity in 3D visualization

Removed the "beta" label in Post-Run Result

Improved the user interface design for the Notebook loading page

Made the Tidy3D Notebook version the same as the latest "stable" tidy3d release

Improved the "About" window

Resolved issues

Fixed: Token expire issue when accessing a shared task

Fixed: Can't open sweep child tasks

Fixed: 3D chart display bug

Fixed: Validation error when importing from the material library

Fixed: Storage value incorrect

Fixed: User access Tidy3D from safari 15.x, the site can not be loaded

Fixed: Estimate/Validation workflow should not modify task status

Fixed: Quickstart should not be created when we launch the notebook.

Fixed: Made undo and redo commands available after the simulation ran


New features

Updated the material library to the latest Tidy3D version

Added Meidum2D materials to the Material Library

Added the ability of administrators to manage (assign and revoke) license seats

Added default settings for GeometryGroup

Added 'Load From Library' for the 'Create New Medium' under 'Private Library' in the 'Material Utility'

Added medium detailed information for the mediums under the Private Library

Added new field group_index_step in all ModeSpec editing sections and Plot group index data in post-run

Introduced the helper tutorials in the getting started panel

Added support for plotting the permittivity of all material types

Added Apodization for frequency-domain monitors

Provided the undo function in the Editor interface

Included Graphene in the Material Library


Added video tutorials for 'Grid Specifications', 'Run Time', 'Boundary Conditions', 'Symmetries', 'Geometry Parameterization and Parameter Sweep', 'Importing Geometries', 'Using Script Objects'

Improved the title format in video tutorials

Pop up a confirmation box when the Notebook environment memory stack overflows

Removed the bottom banners "contact" and "terms of use"

Improved the 'Abort' button layout and user interaction in workbench

Added examples of loading local data in the documentation

Optimized the estimated results calculation time in the user interface

Improved the "Estimated Storage" layout in task detail

Removed the "OK" button in the "Add Structure" window

Classified the GUI videos into Helper Tutorials and Application Examples

Resolved issues

Fixed: Python notebook cannot run because of duplicated file names.

Fixed: Wrong freqs sent to backend when running ModeSolver

Fixed: Material utilities issue

Fixed: The loaded GDS structure does not show up correctly


Resolved issues

Fixed: Structure outside of the simulation domain is not shown correctly in 3D chart

Fixed: 3D chart is incorrect when toggling between display modes



Improved the layout of the expression editor

Organized the videos into Tutorials and Examples

Improved the source and monitor visualization in 3D chart

Resolved issues

Fixed: Data columns are swapped in the downloaded FieldMonitor data

Fixed: STL imported structure does not show up in 3D chart

Fixed: Cannot open Tidy3D web UI when the Safari version is less than 14.1


New features

GUI supports FullyAnisotropicMedium

GUI supports CustomCurrentSource

GUI supports spatially varying dispersive materials, including CustomPoleResidue, CustomSellmeier, CustomLorentz, CustomDebye,

CustomDrude, and CustomAnisotropicMedium

The private material library now supports adding all medium types as well as uploading tabulated data

Added interpolate in UniformCurrentSource and PointDipole

Added direction in ModeSolverMonitor

GUI supports gain in relevant medium types by adding allow_gain field

User can now estimate monitor data size before running a simulation

An automatic email is sent to user when their simulation diverges to help user troubleshoot

Added real-time log for mode solver

Added GUI tutorial videos and the links to them at the corresponding windows

A status icon is added to each object in the editor panel


Sweep tasks now run automatically after validation is successfully

Support of infinite rotation and zoom in 3D chart

Added axis info to data points for plots in Post-Run Result

Increased the web UI loading speed for new users

Increased the speed of validation

Updated help center content and added links about importing geometry and anisotropic medium

More intuitive messages are shown in Tidy3D Notebook when the kernel is busy

Simplified the "New Simulation" creation workflow

Optimized the default 3D chart display mode of structure, source, and monitor

Improved the readability of the timestamps in real-time log

The progress window now displays a one-line rolling real-time log message while the simulation runs

Resolved issues

Fixed: 3D chart configuration and visibility setting reset unexpected

Fixed: Tidy3D Notebook missing jax library when importing the Adjoint plugin

Fixed: Error message about browser support webGL

Fixed: Estimate cost does not reflect the most up-to-date changes

Fixed: 3D chart visualization cropped by boundary

Fixed: Some links in the Tidy3D Notebook examples are not accessible

Fixed: Unexpected geometry when sidewall_angle is not zero



Improved custom source plot layout

Improved grid computation speed for larger simulations

Improved the message in the monitor window regarding flux and Poynting vector computation

Improved the y-label of the plot in Post-Run Results to better represent the quantity being plotted

Resolved issues

Fixed: Permission error when opening examples from the Notebook Launcher page

Fixed: Unable to re-upload STL file

Fixed: Notebook cursor uncontrolled movement


New features

GUI supports TriangleMesh structure type and 3D CAD file (STL) import

GUI supports CustomMedium and CustomFieldSource

Better support for self-intersecting polygons in GDS import using ComplexPolySlab

2D chart now includes a permittivity plot

Poynting vector plot is added to Post-Run Results

Field monitors now include flux plots in Post-Run Results

Multiple datasets and expressions can now be plotted in Post-Run Results

User can now abort a running simulation of FDTD, mode solver, or sweep

Real-time log messages are displayed in the progress window


Upgraded GUI to support Tidy3D version 2.3.0

Added default values when a structure is added

Mode solver tasks created by Python client are now displayed in web UI

3D chart configuration is kept unchanged after edits

Support of using parameters in monitors' "number of points"

Support of using parameters in list-type variables

The notebook server will stop after a certain period of inactivity

Improved the colormap for E in FieldTimeMonitor

Improved the UI of the variables in the expression editor



Rearranged the layout of the Account page

Improved the UI of the "Getting Started" window

Resolved issues

Fixed: Incorrect source polarization representation

Fixed: Structure overlay showing incorrect structure

Fixed: The "Refer" window will pop up briefly and disappear after clicking 'TRY IT NOW'

Fixed: Wavelength incorrectly written to freq in json

Fixed: Bug when switching between wavelength and frequency

Fixed: 2D chart in GUI shows different structures than in Python

Fixed: The source plot has duplicate wavelength/frequency selection

Fixed: The color of geometry is different on one side from the other

Fixed: Duplicated layers displayed in imported GDS

Fixed: Incorrect "help" link in Script Object


Resolved issues

Fixed: 3D model export should only export structures

Fixed: Sweep result is unresponsive for a specific task

Fixed: All plots have the same color scale range

Fixed: Color scale does not work for negative value

Fixed: Diffraction monitor post run x-axis label is incorrect for 1D data


New features

Allow user to set FlexCredit limit for a simulation

User can export transaction history from the Account page

Added payment link to the FlexCredit purchasing window

Upgraded GUI to support Tidy3D version 2.2.2

User can select to highlight sources and monitors in 3D and 2D charts

Support editing user name in Account page

Advanced post-run analysis in GUI supporting multiple datasets and expression

Support adjusting color scale in post-run results

Added ruler to 3D chart


Improved API key instructions

Improved the layout of transaction history page

Improved the layout of transaction history page

Improved the “New Folder” behavior in folder listing page

Improved the visibility of the “Support” button

Support expression in custom input box

Improved the real-time simulation progress updates

Preserved the settings of scripts and variables Sweep’s subtasks

Resolved issues

Fixed: Exported STL files have additional arrows

Fixed: Source time plots' y axis does not update with amplitude


Resolved issues

Fixed: Long blank screen when switching from another tab to the Notebook tab



Set default 3D chart view based on simulation domain

Improved the Getting Started tab for Python interface

Improved the My Plan page layout

Crop sources and monitors by simulation boundary in 3D chart

Updated the help center links in editor windows

Clicking an error message will open up the corresponding editing window

Resolved issues

Fixed: Incorrect “submit time” shown for mode solver


New features

Tidy3D Notebook: A cloud-based platform for writing and executing Python code

Referral program with FlexCredits reward and extension of expiration

Support Total-Field Scattered-Field (TFSF) source in GUI

Support dispersive AnisotropicMedium in GUI

Added the simulation workbench wizard for new users

Support plotting structures outside the simulation domain

Added “Decibel (dB)” in ModeMonitor post-run results

Added a library of commonly used geometries based on Script Object


Improved the display of error and warning messages

Improved the performance of task searching

Enhanced the visibility of the overlay structure in post-run results

Use cyclic colormap for phase plots in post-run results

Resolved issues

Fixed: 3D chart issue when cylinder length is infinity

Fixed: Cylinder orientation does not change with the axis


Resolved issues

Fixed: Bug of the input fields after new version release


New features

Upgraded GUI to support v2.1.0

Provided .obj, or .stl file formats to download in 3D charts

Added help info for ‘Add Structures' and 'mode specification’ for modesolver

Display references in each Parameter and allow user clicking to jump to the corresponding window

Added boundary layer to 2D chart


Improved the warning msg for the generation of new API key

Improved the UI for 'my plan' tab, especially for Education License and Professional License

Updated Copyright for Tidy3d web UI

Improved video loading speed in 'Getting started'

Made the getting started window pop up by default, add “Do not show this again” check box

Improved the user experience to create new version, make it more conveniently

Improved the UI for validation status and error warning message display

Optimized fitter status error display

Improved the UI for the ‘Wavelength' and 'Frequencies’ input for monitor types

Resolved issues

Fixed: Medium2D ss and tt should not allow Medium2D type


Resolved issues

Fixed: error when apply for education license


New features

Included mode solver to count total tasks and monthly tasks

Improved the UI for the Advanced section

Combined expression and number in Parameters

Show the variable value beside the variable name in the tree to be more user friendly

Substituted X3D with threejs for 3D chart

Allow to search folder/tasks with case insensitive


Reduced the ModeSolver queue time.

Provided hdf5 data download for ModeSolver in GUI.

Added Storage and Billed Compute info in ModeSolver task detail page.

Made the '+' button always visible for adding structures, sources, monitors and scripts.

Supported the deletion of the sweep tasks.

Improved the list type data input method.

Allowed user to create new variable when using an undefined variable.

Resolved issues

Fixed: Public shared GUI example requires log in

Fixed: Duplicated layers displayed in import gds

Fixed: GDS file not imported correctly


Resolved issues

Fixed: Parameter sweep not working for a specific task

Fixed: API in downloaded config file is different from that shown in "Current API key"

Fixed: BlochBoundary input method gets incorrectly updated to "from source" for Python and json uploaded tasks

Fixed: Show grid doesn't show anything when the grid is too fine


New features

Supported loading geometries from GDS file in GUI into GeometryGroup structure.

Supported secure sign-in with multi-factor authentication (MFA).


Reduced the ModeSolver queue time.

Provided hdf5 data download for ModeSolver in GUI.

Added Storage and Billed Compute info in ModeSolver task detail page.

Made the '+' button always visible for adding structures, sources, monitors and scripts.

Supported the deletion of the sweep tasks.

Improved the list type data input method.

Allowed user to create new variable when using an undefined variable.

Resolved issues

Fixed: When sidewall_angle is not zero, the structure is incorrect.

Fixed: The ModeSolver is missing in transaction history.


New features

Added Python installation and authentication tutorial video to Getting Started.


Used monospace font for script editor of script object.

Resolved issues

Fixed: Variables are not conserved after upgrading to a newer version.

Fixed: FieldMonitor result is not correctly displayed when switching sweep tasks.


New features

Supported users to sign in with their Apple IDs.

Upgraded GUI to support Tidy3D version 2.0.3.

Added ModeSolver in GUI.


Improve the performance of Adjoint optimization by reducing data transfer.

Improved the 'Getting Started' button consistency between the tabs.

Resolved issues

Fixed: Sweep task and data not visible when shared.

Fixed: ModeSolver is missing after ‘edit’ / 'duplicate'/ 'save as'.

Fixed: The symmetry status in 3D chart is not shown correctly.

Fixed: Fitting plot too small.

Fixed: Validation failed unexpectedly.


New features

Allow users to submit support request directly through a form submission.


New features

Upgraded GUI to support Tidy3D version 2.0.

Resolved issues

Fixed: Typo in API Key instructions.

Fixed: Duplicated notifications when new community users log in for the first time.

Fixed: Edge Coupler example doesn't open.

Fixed: Warning messages don't show properly in GUI.

Fixed: json uploaded doesn't display content properly due to Infinity string issue.


New features

Supported users to sign in with their Google accounts.

Supported self-registration and complimentary Community Plan.

Supported application of Education Plan.

Added 'My Plan' in account page to display multiple plans with user’s current plan highlighted.

Added 'My Profile' in account page to display user profile.


New features

Upgraded GUI to support Tidy3D version 1.10.0.

Added 'Getting Started' onboarding instructions when users login for the first time.

Added 'API Key' instruction for Python authentication.

Added default value when adding a sweep parameter.

Added 'Magnitude (abs)' and 'Intensity (abs^2)' for FieldTimeMonitor.

Added Example Library in the simulation workbench.

Supported more math operators in expression editor.

Allowed calling medium in script by "param.medium_name".

Added description of how to use "param." in GUI script.


Automatically rerun a script if a parameter (or medium) it uses is updated

Updated the help center to include latest features

Renamed "SIMULATION" in the left sidebar to "STUDIES"

Moved the task status display to the left sidebar

Moved the validation status display beside the Run button

Improved the error message when user run out of credits

Improved the loading speed of the account page

Improved the material info display

Display variable value under sweep in Post-Run Analysis

Improved for "Add Simulation" window

Renamed "FlexUnit" to "FlexCredit"

Updated default GUI script object content

Improved the mode effective index and mode amplitude visualization

Resized expression editor

Improved the source_time plot

Resolved issues

Fixed: Wrong status returned after user saved the task

Fixed: Script errors unexpectedly

Fixed: List-type variable errors using "Custom" input method

Fixed: Error when switching medium input method

Fixed: source_time plot should be allowed if all fields of source_time are filled

Fixed: Symmetry in simulation.json not showing up in log

Fixed: ModeMonitor post-run showing same data for different value selection



Remember plot setting when switching data selection in post-run

Resolved issues

Fixed: Script editing issue in Safari

Fixed: Script errors when it should run properly

Fixed: Variable can not be deleted

Fixed: Sweep missing when duplicated



Added hint for non-clickable item in simulation editor

Auto-expanded a node when "add" (+) button is clicked

Merged "Background Medium" with "Simulation Domain"

Improved material plotting

Provided explicit guide to add or edit variable in expression editor variable section

Added a copy button in expression editor

Include name and abbreviation in Material library search box

Show tooltip with instruction to edit in View Only Mode

Improved the progress bar for running status

Resolved issues

Fixed: Shared task can not be opened

Fixed: When rerunning a script object, monitors created by the previous script didn't get deleted

Fixed: Polyslab vertices: “Enter” leads to deletion of content


New features

Added parameter sweep function

It allows adding multiple sweeps, each having a baseline simulation

Sweep parameter can be selected from user defined global variables

Allow two types of sweep (ways of combining variables): permute / parallel

All child tasks (name, variables, status, task id) in the Task Details tab

Added 'Generate API Key' function in Account page

Added the ability to highlight this object in the editor tree in the left sidebar when selected in 3D/2D chart


Improved the reminder message when user’s credit is expired or insufficient.

Auto-scroll when script error

Changed 3D default view angle

Updated the colormap of "Power" plot in FieldProjection monitors

Improved the download data icon for Post-Run result

Changed “PARAMETERS” to “CONFIGURATION” to avoid confusion

Resolved issues

Fixed: Bug switching from Ex to E in post-run

Fixed: Editing panel too narrow for sources and monitor if user dragged the simulation tree


New features

Added GUI Python script linked with objects

Simulation Editor tree added an new entry “Script Objects”

Added the script editor support Python script editing.

Added the ability to insert the objects created by scripts to corresponding location in simulation.json

Added the ability to reorder structure


Improved the switch expression in GUI , make it read-only

Added the constraints to input 'Infinity' in PolySlab

Improved overlay structure on post run

Linked normalize_index to source

Resolved issues

Fixed: Color of the Symmetry Is Not Consistent

Fixed: edits not updated in referenced fields


Resolved issues

Fixed: Item size uploaded exceed max allowed in dynamodb for large simulation files

Fixed: Extra Field Written to Json


New features

Allow users to redeem a valid FlexUnit code in user account page

Integrated "Continue with Google" into Tidy3D login page, user can login with google account

Provided the ability to view the medium detail info once user set the medium in Override structure, Background Medium and Structure panel.

Provided the ability for user to easily bookmark a public project and view it in their own account

Added ‘Examples' and ‘Bookmarks’ folder under folder page for all users.


Improved the k value when the conductivity = 0 when editing Medium

Merge duplicates to display minimal information (medium used in simulation) to reduce use

Improved the list datatype fields input for Monitors

Resolved issues

Fixed: GUI 3D Display Incorrect

Fixed: Overlay with structure doesn't look correct

Fixed: Duplicated background medium is created when selecting from public library


Resolved issues

Fixed: Create New Medium in Structure doesn't work (view only)


New features

Only (GaussianBeam, ModeSource or PlaneWave) source can be selected in the source dropdown list

If the source has been linked to blochboundary, show warning msg when trying to disable/delete the source or change the source type

Resolved issues

Fixed: bug about BlochBoundary not updated


New features

Upgrade GUI to support schema v1.8.3


Updated the wording of version from 'Current' to 'Default'

Improved the green color in GUI

Technical upgrade: Check the validity of id token before sending any billing requests, refresh id token if it's expired


New features

Added pre-validation message info into the validation result shown in GUI

Added warning message info into the validation result shown in GUI

Added the ability to filter out "daily storage fee" transactions from Billing history by default

Added a "My Expenses" tab to user account (/account) page

Added a New min, max Option for Source Time Definition, updated the plot of the source_time

Supported direct expression input in the fields of number datatype in simulation editor


Improved the user interaction for the mediums from Material Library; Improved the naming rules for medium; Improved the user interaction to expression editor; Added the ability to remind user to remove associations first (variable being used by other fields)

Resolved issues

Fixed: object cannot be deleted when disabled

Fixed: failure to delete large number of tasks and misleading message


New features

GUI upgraded to support Tidy3D v1.8.2

Resolved issues

Fixed: background medium duplicated on reopen

Fixed: Visibility hide/show icon doesn't work on certain items


New features

GUI upgraded to support Tidy3D v1.8.1, including the following updates Material Fitter improvement, Improved Mode tracking in ModeSpec, Field Projection Monitors, Cylinder support sidewall_angle, PolySlab support x,y axis and reference plane, Broadband ModeSource and GaussianBeam, Added DiffractionMonitor, Added post-run result for DiffractionMonitor and Field Projection Monitors, Improved GridSpec editing

Expanded material library and improved documentation

Allow enable/disable for monitors and sources

Added |E|^2 in Post-Run Results


Updated the value input for the bloch_vec

Added error message if user input "Infinity" in bounds

Improved reference handling for variable reference - name change

Fill the cross-section in 3D chart geometry intersecting simulation bounds

Resolved issues

Fixed: FieldProjectionAngleMonitor doesn't allow value 0 in angles

Fixed: Issues on list variable number of points

Fixed: Only one digit is displayed in certain places

Fixed: Point Dipole Source Showing Two Arrows



Remember input mode for medium

Resolved issues

Fixed: Bug about unit switching in editor

Fixed: Couldn't change n in Medium

Fixed: Bug about number rounding and scientific notation conversion in editor

Fixed: Error when switch between list and string variable type

Fixed: 2D chart displayed incorrectly


New features

Allow enable/disable structures

2D chart added option to show/hide sources/monitors

Overlay structure on Post-Run field plots

Added support to input k in Medium


Improve reference handling in GUI

Improvement on boundary editing

Keep scientific notation in editor

Recalculate Bloch vector if relevant settings are updated

round number for display

Source plot improvement

2D chart add symbol for in and out of plane source polarization and propagation direction arrows

Improved 2D chart pan operation

Refined the display for PML/StablePML/Absorber editing panel

Rearrange layout of Structure panel

Resolved issues

Fixed: Clicking a task in search page leads to 404

Fixed: The run_time is not displayed correctly during typing

Fixed: Typo in background medium

Fixed: Visibility tree node level issue


New features

Added "Estimate" button under "Run" button, allow user to estimate FlexUnit cost before clicking Run

Added a new column "FlexUnit" in Task page

Pop over Edit to guide user to use this button

Allow user to save expression as a new variable during editing

Expanded color palette for materials

Added ruler in 2D chart


Rearranged "Medium" as parameter

Added default values for simulation domain and run time

Changed 2D simulation visualization from 3D view to 2D view

Simplified list input method

Redesigned and increased the visual transition to Task Success

Show time steps in progress bar

Set the grid override structure’s default visibility to false

Added constraints on list type variable

Improved the expression "fx" label

Improved the material library plotting with missing range

Simplified the "Saved" status in workbench title bar

Simplified and grouped related input fields with visual cue

Renamed duplicated task with _Copy and a number

Improved 1D simulation visualization

Resolved issues

Fixed: Variables disappeared after renaming the simulation

Fixed: Source arrow incorrect in 3d/2d chart


New features

Allow user to share tasks in any status

Added structure transparency in 3D/2D chart


Improved the pop over under version label after creating new version

Improved the version dropdown, allow to click the entire row to switch versions

Improvements for variables input and UI

Allow user to delete parent task in version listing page

Resolved issues

Fixed: shutoff=0 in Editor but 0.00001 in json

Fixed: ‘Save as’ doesn't work in public task


New features

User can now rerun a simulation and retrieve its full version history. After a simulation finishes running, user can click “Edit” button to create a new version, edit the simulation, and rerun. The history of all versions of the simulation can be found through the dropdown list in the title bar or under the “Task Details” - “History” tab.

User can now declare variables that can be used across different input fields in the simulation editor. Expressions consisting of variables and simple math operators are also supported.

The simulation cost of all simulations in a folder can be retrieved through the “Get Info” button in the right-click menu of this folder.

User can now archive all simulations in a folder by clicking the “Archive” button in the right-click menu of this folder.

Monitor data can be downloaded in .csv format in the Post-Run Result page.

User can now visualize the source time signal and spectrum.

User can upgrade a simulation of an older version to the latest supported version of the GUI simulation editor.

Grid can be plotted on top of the structures in the 2D chart.


Medium can be defined through index in addition to permittivity.

Geometries of Box and Cylinder can be defined through boundary (min+max) in addition to center+size.

Improve Post-Run Result page layout to display simulation editor on the left sidebar for convenient revisit of the monitor setting.

Open up the progress window when entering a task which is currently running.

Display the action menu when multiple items are selected in the folder system.

Explicitly label the tasks that have been shared and provide filter function.

Support downloading “Simulation.json” for tasks in draft status.

Allow drag to adjust the width of each column in the folder system.

Increase the upper limit of number of tasks which can be deleted in batch.

Plot the propagation and polarization directions of sources in 3D chart.

Provide the “Field decay” info in the task progress window.

Support equal axis aspect ratio plotting in Post-Run Result.

Support opening “tidy3d.log” in GUI viewer directly.

Improve Grid Override user experience by visualizing the grid override region in 3D chart, and allowing user to set override geometry from existing structures.

Improve the BlochBoundary boundary editing experience.

Improve PML/StablePML/Absorber boundary editing experience.

Keep the same fields unchanged when switching the types of Source or Monitor.

Show fitting progress in Material Fitter.

Optimize performance of Tidy3D Web Client initialization.

Improve the colormap for magnitude and intensity field plots in Post-Run Result.

Improve the performance of user login: now it should take <2 seconds to login.

Resolved issues

Fixed: added missing labels for B and C coefficients in material model fields.

Fixed: GUI rendering issue of Gaussian source.

Fixed: dispersive model pop up warning message even though no editing is made.

Fixed: object re-arranged but 2D chart not updated correctly.

Fixed: FluxMonitor fields update only after closing the window.

Fixed: PointDipole source disappear if unhide the Near2Far monitor.

Fixed: 2D chart reset zoom after editing a parameter in simulation editor.

Fixed: the reset issue when try to edit the BlochBoundary.

Fixed: 2D chart not including PolySlab dilation.

Fixed: switch from 2D chart to 3D chart when editing any parameters.

Fixed: Post-Run Result missing axis label.


New features

GUI now supports Tidy3D version 1.6.3, including the following new features: FluxMonitor and FluxTimeMonitor with 3D box geometries computing flux going out of all box surfaces (or with exclusion). A new simulation parameter "normalize_index." ModeFieldMonitor is changed to ModeSolverMonitor which includes additional effective index data. Editing support for Near2Far monitors (Post-Run Result for Near2Far monitors is coming soon)

The intensity and absolute values are added to field plots in Post-Run Result

Use can specify source-time using central wavelength in addition to central frequency

Material Fitter now plots data immediately after file upload

Sources and monitors are displayed by default in 3D chart

Help center documentation now supports full-text search

User can drag to reorder the structures in the override_structures list

“Solver Duration” is now displayed in task progress panel


Added confirmation to "Delete" to prevent accidental deletion

Improved BlochBoundary editing

Return to the previous location in Folder system when exiting from Editor

Improved version message when user upload higher version json than the version that UI can support

Re-adjusted Parameter list order

Improved responsiveness by scrolling to reveal added fields in editor

Resolved issues

Fixed: Grid override structure couldn't add geometries into GeometryGroup

Fixed: 2D ring resonator structure color mismatch


New features

Client Administrator can now view tasks of other users of the same organization in the "Folders" page

Added "User Name" to transaction history in the "Admin" page of Client Administrator


Search result now displays the owner information of a task

User can now drag to adjust width of the side panels inside the GUI editor


New features

User can now duplicate a task inside the simulation editor

Tidy3D user can save a shared task to their own account

Provided "Infinity" for eligible fields in the drop-down menu in the simulation editor

User can now drag to reorder items in the simulation editor's left sidebar

Press ESC to unselect all tasks in the folder page


Improved the speed performance of Post-Run Result visualization

Removed redundant information in the sidebar of Post-Run Result

User can now hide the progress bar by clicking outside of the window

Simplified the input format of complex number

Resolved issues

Fixed: Post-Run Result vertical axes labels were missing

Fixed: PoleResidue model's coefficient labels were flipped in GUI

Fixed: 3D chart cropped front surface when structure is very large

Fixed: 2D chart didn't plot source and monitor correctly

Fixed: 3D chart reset navigation setting after editing


New features

Tidy3D users can now publicize their tasks using the "Share" functionality. Anyone with the public link of a task can view the simulation setup and results without logging into a Tidy3D account


Improved the display of long task names in Task Details tab


New features

A status monitor allows users to track real-time processing of a submitted task.

3D visualization now supports exporting 3D model in GLB format.

FieldTimeMonitor post-run visualization now supports downloading movie as GIF.

The initialization performance of simulation editor has been improved.

A back button is now available for users to go back to previously visited pages in Help Center.

An admin page is now available for client administrator to manage users and browse complete transaction history of all users.

Miscellaneous UI/UX improvements have been applied to the simulation editor and across the site making it more intuitive and more intelligent.

Resolved issues

Fixed: Users can not zoom the y-axis when using the “data zoom” function inside the post-run heatmap by mouse dragging, mouse move, mouse scroll or finger touch.