PhotonForge GUI

9 mins
By Lucas Heitzmann Gabrielli

In this tutorial series, you will learn how to set-up and use the PhotonForge web UI to design, simulate, and verify the performance of integrated optical devices and systems. The video tutorials show the process of creating a new PhotonForge project step-by-step and detail the options that are available to go from basic single-device simulation to complex optical systems models. All projects created in this series are also available as examples in our example gallery.

Skills you will develop

After completing these tutorials, you will be able to:

Set-up and customize Technologies in PhotonForge conforming to foundry PDKs.

(Coming soon!) Simulate an optical device from a GDSII file using Tidy3D.

(Coming soon!) Simulate large optical systems combining devices from a single or multiple GDSII files using a Circuit Model.

What you will learn