Discover the Unmatched Advantages of Tidy3D

09 Nov 2023 By TOM CHEN

When exploring computational electromagnetic (EM) tools, you’ll find many commercial and open-source options. Among these, Tidy3D stands out for several reasons. Tidy3D is an electromagnetic simulation tool based on the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method, and it’s built on a modern computing architecture. This allows for scalable, accurate simulations at speeds unmatched by other products in the market. The unique benefits of Tidy3D make it a compelling choice over other simulation tools for those looking for enhanced performance and reliability in electromagnetic simulations. In this blog article, we discuss five key advantages of Tidy3D.

Scalability to Thousands of Wavelengths in Size

Conventional EM solvers face a major challenge in terms of scalability. While solving EM problems on a small scale is manageable, real-world device simulations require the analysis of structures that span hundreds or thousands of wavelengths. Such large-scale simulations, for example, the 3D optical Luneburg lens, require significant hardware resources that may not be accessible to many engineers and researchers.

To address this challenge, Tidy3D has implemented a cloud-based computation paradigm. By utilizing an intelligent algorithm, computational hardware resources are dynamically allocated for each simulation task submitted by users. This ensures that there are adequate hardware resources available for every simulation, optimizing the performance. Tidy3D has successfully conducted FDTD simulations with up to 50 billion grid points for our clients, which was previously unimaginable.

Finish Your Simulations in a Coffee Break

In the past, running full-wave simulations, such as a metalens in the visible frequency range, would often require engineers to wait extended periods of time. Sometimes, simulations would take days or even weeks to complete, forcing engineers to run them overnight or on weekends. However, Tidy3D takes advantage of advanced parallel computing chips, which significantly speeds up the simulation process. This acceleration allows simulations that used to take an entire day to be completed in just a short coffee break. You can refer to our speed benchmark for a detailed understanding of the improved simulation speeds that Tidy3D provides. Experience the ultra-fast simulation from the examples Adjoint-based shape optimization of a waveguide bend1x4 MMI power splitter and Metalens in the visible frequency range.

Rigorous Full-wave Simulation Without Approximation

Various EM solvers employ approximation methods to enhance efficiency in solving certain problems. A notable example is the beam propagation method, which hinges on the slowly varying envelope approximation. While such approximation methods expedite large simulations, they often compromise accuracy, leaving results open to question.

In contrast, the FDTD method employed by Tidy3D is a full-wave method. This means it rigorously solves Maxwell’s equations without resorting to any approximations. Utilizing Tidy3D for modeling your device eliminates guesswork, thereby instilling full confidence in your design outcomes. See the example of a Full-wave simulation of a millimeter-scale waveguide coupler below.

Flexible Python and GUI interfaces

Traditional simulation software often provides either a scripting API or a graphical user interface with limited scripting capabilities. However, Tidy3D offers the best of both worlds. Our adaptable Python API facilitates the programmatic definition of complex simulations, allowing for seamless integration with other open-source Python libraries. This, in turn, empowers you to achieve intricate functionalities with Tidy3D and customize it to fit your existing photonic design workflow.

At the same time, we provide a web-based graphical user interface that offers a visually intuitive experience. This interface allows for swift inspection of your simulation setup and results, delivering both visual and operational advantages.

Timely Technical Support at Your Fingertips

Our Tidy3D users come from various backgrounds and experience levels. No matter your expertise, we understand that you might have some questions about how to use Tidy3D. As a Tidy3D user, you will have access to our technical support team, made up of experienced engineers and leading researchers in the relevant field.

Our objective is to provide a resolution to your technical support request within one business day in most cases. Our solver is ultrafast, and we aim to complement it with equally swift technical support to provide a first-class user experience that is unmatched by other commercial products.